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We Connect the Vegetable Seed Community

We connect the vegetable seed world! Our team has more than 20 years of experiences in the international vegetable seed business. We started this community platform to promote the vegetable seed business particularly to speed-up sales of vegetable seeds to the global seed-community.

Seedbase brings you together to speed-up seed business around the world. This platform connects you. You can search a specific variety, offering your individual seed varieties to a bigger market, researching the local territorial specifications of vegetable seed requirements or to check seed shipping requirements within international markets.

You will connect through our seedbase platform directly to the buyers or sellers. Sales only go directly from you to the customer. Seedbase provides the connection network platform only – for free to use –  so you can find new markets for your products. We’ll not be involved into sales through the users on this platform and do not charge any fees for publishing your varieties on this seedbase platform.

Such are only exemplaric points which are addressed within our worlds seed community. In addition our team gives inputs in special areas like international seed shipment solutions.
Our page shall connect you and your contribution on this platform is totally free! Feel free to use it! Or EMAIL us your questions at

We connect you!

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Sell your Vegetable Seed Variety!

You are selling vegetable seeds? Great! Post your varieties to this Seedbase platform and connect to local and international markets. We create your own space on this Seedbase platform. We don’t charge anything for placing your varieties to your individual space on Seedbase. Email us your varieties, for example a webpage link of your product,  and we create your space. Here you can se an example how your space will look like: Russian-Seeds – Products – Vegetable Seeds (  After you have reviewed it and you give us your go signal, we will publish it.
Sell your Seeds, expand your business!

Search for Vegetable Seed Varieties!

Do you look for a specific vegetable seed variety and it is not available at your place, store or country?

Place it to our community variety search section and search worldwide. Often same varieties are sold in different countries and so you can locate your variety in other country-markets worldwide through our Seedbase seed community platform. Place your inquiry for free!

Check what's going on in your Country!

We have built the community page in a way to straight navigate to your area if you like. For example you are located in China, you can navigate right there from the top right sidebar on the homepage to your country. If your country is not yet visible please inform us via email and we’ll add it right away to our community page!

Check actual Growing Seasons around The World!

You like to plan your international seed sales or you have seeds available to sell but your season is over? No problem! Check our support tools and see where your crops or varieties are planted at the moment. Just check it out for each crop (e.g. actual global onion seasons). We are at the moment expanding the crop seasons for each country. If you have info about your countries planting seasons per crop let us know via email at We will be very happy to add your input to the community page. 

Advertise your Seeds on this Site!

You like to create your own Ad on our page? Yes you can! There are different options to place your ad to this community page. Just send us an email at and we’ll get in touch with you to present you options how you can advertise with us your store, variety, company or production offers!

We Move Seeds!

Are you Seed Importer and you like to become exclusive importer for Seedbase orders in your country? Get in touch with us at

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